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Relaxing skin rituals

Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash

Last week we talked about building your daily skin routines but equally important is building in some time to pamper yourself regularly. Again, consistency will make this self-care rituals most effective. Often we feel it's selfish to spend time taking care of ourselves when our loved ones want our attention but remember

For your skin, your rituals should exfoliate, hydrate and luxuriate. Work with your skin care professional to pick at home products and devices appropriate for your skin type and set aside some time weekly to take care of you. For me, that means once a week after I wrangle my daughter into bed, I spend about 5 minutes massaging my face with cleanser and a gentle exfoliator, then apply a clear hydrating mask and spend 30 minutes relaxing under my green LED mask before finishing my bedtime skin routine.

Professional treatment are also essential to radiant skin. I always recommend monthly facials because it takes about 30 days for our skin cells to turn over but make sure to see your favorite skin care professional at least seasonally. Throughout the year as the weather and our lifestyles fluctuate, our skin's needs change as well and a professional can help your reassess and make a new set of routines and rituals.

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