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How's my hair?

I've always considered myself to be a low maintenance type girl. I want to walk out the door with as

little effort as possible and get on with my day without spending a ton of time and energy on hair and makeup.

But reality is that we are all judged constantly on our looks and that fact makes me bristle. It's not fair that what I look like will determine whether or not someone hires me or believes I have credibility.

My hair tends to get greasy looking quickly so if I want it to look clean I have to wash it at least every other day. I used to let my hair dry on its own. It's wavy with a couple cowlicks. I have a genius stylist who cuts so it so it looks pretty good when I let it air dry.

But it looks waaaaay better when I blow dry it.

So I decided to challenge myself - can I dry my hair every time I wash it? That's going to take so long I told myself but I'll try anyway. It takes 7 minutes. 7. And when I dry my scalp it doesn't get greasy looking as fast so I can go an extra day between washings. And most importantly it looks great (I think at least) which make me feel good. And when I feel good, I act good - I get more done. And it starts a snowball of productivity and rewards.

I think the Universe (God, the Source, Spirits, whatever you call your Higher Power) wants to see us take care of ourselves. When we start making an effort, the Universe takes notice and starts making an effort for us. God helps those who help themselves.

Think of it like dating - if someone showed up to a date with you looking sloppy you would feel like they didn't care about what you think. When they look like they tried, it makes you feel special.

So every day I imagine I have a date with each person that crosses my path, the universe itself, and most importantly myself. And I show my appreciation for those around me by putting a little effort into how I show up because we all deserve to feel special.

The steps to getting what you want are pretty universal:

  1. Decide what you want and why. Commit to it. (I want my hair to look good because it make me feel confident when I like the way I look and when I feel confident I do what needs to get done)

  2. Make a plan to get it. Get professional support if you don’t know how (My stylist gave a great cut,

  3. Stop making excuses and take action, any action. When you find yourself making excuses why it won’t work, funnel that energy in to making it happen.

  4. Let go of expectations and see what happens.

You are amazing and you make things happen!

PS If you decide it’s time for your skin to glow, book a complimentary skin coaching call with me and let’s make your plan ❤️

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