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Saving Face

4 Options:
1 Year of Luxury Customized Holistic Facials 50% Off (12 at $95 each) $1140
1 Year Saving Face Membership Discount Card (30% off all services and products) $240
Roccoco Botanicals Full Fantastic Face Regimen (5 products customized to your skin type)
Deluxe Virtual Facial Kit + Home Regimen

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Danielle Diaz

Danielle Diaz is a holistic acne specialist and clear skin lifestyle coach on a mission is to make the world a more beautiful place by promoting loving self-care, imperfectly healthy living, and building compassionate community. As a licensed esthetician and founder of Saving Face in San Diego, Danielle provides cutting-edge facial treatments blended with traditional healing philosophies for an integrated approach to beautiful skin. With over 15 years in the health and fitness industry, Danielle understands how to work with the body both internally and with topical remedies. She guides her clients to simple diet and lifestyle shifts that help discover their best skin.

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