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Saving Face Loyalty Program

Consistency is key for achieving your #skingoals - with that in mind, I've designed the Saving Face Loyalty Program to save you money when you rebook regularly.

Rebook within 5 weeks and receive 30% off the retail price of your service

Rebook between 5 and 9 weeks and received 20% off the retail price of your service

Rebook between 9 and 13 weeks and received 10% off the retail price of your service

For example:

Signature Holistic Facial retail price is $150, after the 30% discount the price of service is $105

If you are unsure of how regularly you will come in, you can always purchase a package which will not expire and lock in your service price (+ packages of 6 will always get you the best deal) ❤️

And at each visit you'll receive 20% off products purchased that day!

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